Slide Sledge


Product Description

Now no one has to hold the chisel! The powerful Slide Sledge® Heavy Equipment™ Hammer reduces dangerous, time consuming hammer and chisel jobs to a one-man, one-tool operation. The linear motion of Slide Sledge focuses power for precision impact to drive pins and make other tough maintenance jobs easier, faster and a whole lot safer. Reduce downtime and increase your profits.

Reduces Downtime
• Eliminates need for special equipment
or additional personnel
• Delivers a powerful pay-load of impact
for extreme applications
• Ideal for field maintenance and repairs
Increases Productivity
• Two person jobs can now be completed by one
• Makes repairs faster and easier
Extremely Powerful
• Effortlessly delivers over 15,000 PSI of impact force
• Use the 5 lb handle weight for additional impact
• Induction hardened, fatigue-proof steel for a long,
powerful life
Safer and More Accurate
• Efficient, one person operation – no one needs
to hold the chisel
• Eliminates inaccurate sledge hammer swings
• Interchangeable, application specific tips allow one
tool to do the job of many
• Quick change tips are engineered to get the job done
faster and easier